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Welcome to the LogicSwap Solutions website for 2013

This year we celebrate our 10th year anniversary as a Leader in the EDA Migration market place. Our dedication to our Customers' migration needs have resulted in over 1000 registered users. Many of them have further partnered with DSP Inc. for Enterprise level support with their Legacy Data Maintenance requirements.

All Visitors are allowed to create a User account at No Charge! Once Registered, Customers can upload and track their design files.

In addition to a secure Upload and Download experience, we offer a Shopping cart style environment to automate the purchasing of Products and Services. The intent is to help you to generate a temporary quotation which will be forwarded to You to expedite your purchasing process.

Start by Logging in or creating a new User account.

We support products made by Altium, Cadence, Mentor, Premier Farnell and Zuken. Please click on one of these company's brand name product buttons above to see our available migration solutions and services. We also support all major industry standard formats. For Custom Programming Services please contact us at sales@logicswap.com.

Large Scale Migration Projects with LogicSwap

LogicSwap is frequently approached to address large scale Corporate Evolution Migrations. Reasons include:

  •  Overwhelming workload

  •  Fear of designs not working as they did with previous  CAD systems

  • Internal costs of labor versus outsourcing.

  •  It just makes sense to leave it to the Professionals

Customer Support is our number one priority. We understand both ends of the data models and technologies that are involved in a conversion. For customers who want to outsource the entire conversion process, we provide Migration Services. For customers who want to keep their data in-house due to IP/security reasons, we provide Migration Solutions. Our website suggests prices for certain solutions and services. For a customized quote, please email sales@logicswap.com.



Address and Contact Information

204 West Cummings Park - Suite #6
Woburn MA 01801
e-mail: Info@logicswap.com

Phone: 855-EDA-TOOL (855-332-8665)
Fax: 888-322-9926

News From LogicSwap

LogicSwap Solutions are now available for all leading EDA Systems

Through a strategic marketing campaign, DSP, Inc. is now opening the LogicSwap Solutions brand name for Migrations, to be synonymous with all Leading EDA Vendors. We now offer more migration products and services for E-CAD Libraries, Schematics and PCB Designs. To see what we offer, select one of the 12 buttons on the upper left hand side of this page that identifies the products that you wish to Migrate to.

This Expansion of the LogicSwap name benefits all Customers that have a need to migrate to a replacement system.

Whether you are up-scaling to higher level Enterprise solutions or downscaling to escape high, annual maintenance costs, LogicSwap Solutions is now everyone's Single Source for EDA Migrations.

LogicSwap Releases Allegro to PADS conversion tool

LogicSwap announces the availability of a new software product - ALG2PADS. The tool can help companies using one or both tools.  Some of our Semiconductor customers use Allegro but need to send PADS data to their OEM customers in Asia.  Some customers use both tools and want to move Footprint Libraries, re-use modules or designs from Allegro to PADS.  Many companies post Reference Designs on their web sites in Allegro format. Companies using PADS can now download them.

LogicSwap Releases first of a family of Modules for migration to and from EAGLE

LogicSwap has completed an Export capability to the EAGLE tool from Cadsoft (Farnell). The first software product is PCAD2EAGLE.  This tool will convert P-CAD Schematics and Board Designs into EAGLE format. We are now able to convert P-CAD libraries as well.  We now have the capability to convert any EDA / CAD database into or out of EAGLE format as a service.

Stratford Digital Announces New Family of Tools and Services

Stratford Digital is pleased to announce the release of a new family of tools and services to migrate designs from all major CAD tools into CadSoft EAGLE. The first standalone tool will convert schematic and PCB designs from the obsolete PCAD platform to EAGLE.

To read this article, click here.

The Latest LogicSwap 2013 Series Updates are Available to Download!

If you have yet not installed the latest LogicSwap suite, please feel free to do so. Click here to visit the Downloads area of our website.

The 2013 Series provides demonstration capability using supplied design files.

Andy Shaughnessy of PCB Design 007 interviews Dilip Patil

During the 2007 Zuken Design Automation Conference known as Z-DAC, Andy Shaughnessy of PCB Design interviewed LogicSwap Solutions President, Dilip S. Patil. Click to hear the Audio interview.

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