Welcome to the LogicSwap Solutions

LogicSwap Solutions is a business unit of DSP, Inc. Our business model utilizes the expertise of knowledgeable EDA applications engineers that are well versed in PCB engineering, Schematic capture and Library Administration to create migration paths and processes for electronics companies seeking to move an electronics ECAD design or their complete environment from one EDA tool vendor to another.

Electronics company’s change EDA vendors periodically and require expertise to provide the most accurate, highest quality data migrations and translations. This value-added service helps companies to make the best choice for their technology growth and financial bottom line knowing that the team form LogicSwap is ready to get the job done.

LogicSwap’s core competency is ASCII-based translations using a central core data base model for extracting design database and library constructs which are then validated and migrated to the new vendor format. The bottom line is we know our stuff..

Dilip S. Patil, President of DSP Inc. was born and raised in India, is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He migrated to US in 1980’s and became a proud US citizen. Mr. Patil has worked in EDA industry for several decades. After working for Racal-Redac and Zuken for over 10 years, he founded DSP Inc.