SI / PI / Thermal Analysis

Signal Integrity

LogicSwap supports advanced analysis with extensive experience on Highspeed Interfaces. As clock speeds and data rates are increasing and industry need high-speed interfaces with multi-GHz frequencies, Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI) Analysis are key factor achieving a PCB or system level performances.

Simulations are performed with leading-edge SI software to ensure the board performance meets as expected. Multiple tools are used to perform a wide range of analysis tasks including 3D EM full-wave extraction, network analysis, channel analysis, AC power analysis and DC power analysis.

Simulation Supports

  • Feasibility Study
  • Stack up Design
  • Conn/Cable Selection
  • Root Cause Analysis on Existing Design
  • Pre/Post Layout Simulations
  • Topology Exploration for Parallel Interfaces
  • Frequency and Time Domain Analysis
  • TDR Analysis and IBIS/AMI Simulation
  • Multi-Board Simulations
  • Model Extraction, S-parameter & RLC Parasitic Extraction
  • BER, ISI, Jitter, Loss(IL,RL) Analysis, Bath-tub Plots,.
  • High Speed Serial / Parallel Interface Analysis
  • Trace, Via, Connector, End-to-End Channel Modeling Using EM Solver
  • Crosstalk & S-parameter Modeling of Traces & Interconnects

Technology Expertise


  • Ethernet Over Backplane: IEEE P802.3ap 10 GBPS, IEEE
  • P802.3ba 40 GBPS and 100 GBPS
  • Ethernet Over Backplane (10GBASE-KR), Gearbox
  • Ethernet Over Backplane: IEEE P802.3bj 25GBPS/Lane (100GBASE-KP4 PAM4 & KR4-NRZ-PAM2)
  • Chip to Module SFI: SFP (INF-8074i), SFP+ (SFF-8431)


  • SFF-8087/88 (MiniSAS int./ext.), SFF-8643/44 miniSAS
  • HD Internal / External
  • SFF-8639/8680 (NVMe/SAS drives)
  • USB, SATA, SAS3, NVMe, HDD/SSD, SAS expanders
  • PCIe Switches / Controllers, PCIe add-on Cards

CPU / PCH / Memory

  • PCI Express, PCI Express 2.0, PCI Express 3.0
  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0

Software Supported

  • Simbeor-Electromagnetic Signal Integrity Software
  • Mentor Graphics HyperLynx SI GHz
  • Mentor Graphics HyperLynx Thermal
  • Allegro PCB SI tool

Software Expertise

  • Ansys HFSS
  • Cadence Sigrity
  • ADS
  • Si-Soft

Power Integrity

Multi-Board Simulations

  • Power card
  • Mother Board + Add-on cards
  • Line Cards, Backplanes

Time Domain Noise Analysis

  • Resonance Studies
  • SSO/SSN Studies
  • Di/Dt Studies

PDN DC Simulations

  • DC IR drop
  • Voltage Distribution
  • Temperature Rise

Low Pass Filter Circuit Optimizations

PDN AC Simulations

  • PDN Impedance / Resonances VRM+PCB+IC
  • Transient Noise Simulations
  • Voltage Droops, AC Voltage Noise , Di/Dt

Thermal Analysis

Board Level Analysis

Multi-Board / System Level Analysis

Heat Sink & Cooling Proposals

Component Junction & Case Temperature Computations

Thermal Profiles Generation for Components & PCB

Reliability Analysis

Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)

Reliability Prediction as per IEC62380

Reliability diagram, Fault Tree Analysis and Application Standard Models